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Back chairs designed specifically for back pain sufferers

Please see our range of back care chairs and orthopaedic chairs below. Please contact us for expert advice or if you would like to test any of our chairs.

We also stock a range of additional backcare products such as pressure cushions, lumbar rolls, pillows etc. Contact us for details.

To ensure the correct sitting or standing height for each individual
Monitor Stands
To ensure the correct monitor height for each individual
Arm Rests & Supports
Where additional arm support is required to help reduce RSI symptoms.
Copy Holders
To help reduce twisting of the neck and back.
Foot Rests
To help achieve the correct seated height
Many options to help improve arm, wrist and shoulder comfort.
Many options to allow a more natural forearm position
Additional Backcare Accessories
We supply a broad range of accessories to help alleviate back pain

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M12 Fujitsu Siemens Optimised Keyboard - USB only

This adjustable, split keyboard allows the user to alter both the angle and height of the keypad. It can be split into two separate keypads up to 30 degrees apart, allowing for a more natural forearm position while typing. It features independent, adjustable wrist supports and the tent height is adjustable. PC compatible.

M15 Goldtouch GO Keyboard

Goldtouch Go is the first truly ergonomic portable keyboard. Lightweight and with a 30 degree tilt, this surely is a must have compact keyboard for professionals on the go. Weighs only 1lb and is the size of a 14" laptop keyboard. It sits neatly on top of your laptop for a truly portable ergonomic desktop. Can be split and locked horizontally and vertically. USB Only.

M16 Goldtouch Ergonomic Keyboard

A keyboard that can be split both horizontally and vertically.

M17 Goldtouch Wrist Rests

Allow you to fit the soft gel pads to each wrist individually - just where you need them.

M18 Goldtouch Ergonomic Keypad

Designed for number crunchers, the Goldtouch Keypad can be placed where it's most comfortable. This enhances flexibility by allowing you to periodically change arm, hand, shoulder position.

M21 Cherry Keypad

Separate keypad with four additional, freely programmable, relegendable keys. PS/2 with PS/2 pass through port.

M22 Cherry Mini Keyboard

Although it has 86 keys, the Mini Cherry takes up half the desk space of a standard keyboard. The function key at the bottom left hand corner enables the numeric keypad which is embedded in the alpha keys - the numerals are also clearly marked on the bottom right of the keys.

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