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Back chairs designed specifically for back pain sufferers

Please see our range of back care chairs and orthopaedic chairs below. Please contact us for expert advice or if you would like to test any of our chairs.

We also stock a range of additional backcare products such as pressure cushions, lumbar rolls, pillows etc. Contact us for details.

To ensure the correct sitting or standing height for each individual
Monitor Stands
To ensure the correct monitor height for each individual
Arm Rests & Supports
Where additional arm support is required to help reduce RSI symptoms.
Copy Holders
To help reduce twisting of the neck and back.
Foot Rests
To help achieve the correct seated height
Many options to help improve arm, wrist and shoulder comfort.
Many options to allow a more natural forearm position
Additional Backcare Accessories
We supply a broad range of accessories to help alleviate back pain

HAG Official Partner


FR1 Score

Height range 3" to 11". Tilt adjustable footplate. 18.5" x 13.5" (w x d) Easy to reach foot controls. Chrome and black.

FR2 Hag Quickstep

Fixed height. 2-sided use. Lightweight and easily moved.

FR3 Plum

Sturdy build quality. 5 front height positions and 3 back height adjustments. All steel construction. Ribbed rubber footplate.

FR5 Footform

Solid steel construction. Height adjustable by pressing down on the red button with your foot. Ideal for high work surface stations Height adjustable from 3.5" to 5.1" or 5.5" to 12.5".

FR9 TrittyBoy Footrest

Economical footrest of simple design, the ribbed foot support ensures a firm grip, whilst the rubber feet avoid slipping or scratching of floor surface. Height adjustment to 4 positions.

FR10 Wedo Relax Footrest

Incorporates a removable cover, which reveals a compartment for foot controls of dictating machines. Height adjustable front 5-15 cms and back 8-21 cms. Platform size 22" x 12" x 2" (w x d x h)

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