The Office Backcare Centre
Suppliers of backcare chairs and ergonomic accessories
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Are you sitting comfortably?

Whilst we spend a lot on computers, software etc, many of us just make do with pulling up an old chair to sit on - not giving any thought to our long-term comfort or support.

It's only when there is a problem that we think about our posture. Poor seating encourages poor posture - and poor posture leaves the back vulnerable to strain or injury.

With millions of working days lost to back problems, correct seating is vital to help people with back pain issues - or those wanting to avoid them. Help is at hand. The Office Backcare Centre in Cheltenham specialises in ergonomic office chairs and the consultation required to make wise choices.

The Office Backcare Centre's chairs encourage movement which helps to improve circulation and reduce muscle stress. Comfort and correct support help relieve pressure and ease pain. All of our chairs offer long term strength and reliability and many come with a manufacturer's 10 year warranty. Click here to see examples of our specialist chairs.

To discuss your issues and to make an appointment at our Cheltenham showroom, send us an email or call on 01242 251779. You should, typically, allow at least an hour for your visit.

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