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Backcare chairs

Our back care chairs are designed to help prevent back pain & to help provide relief for back pain sufferers

Ergonomic accessories

See examples from our range of ancilliary backcare products such as pressure cushions, lumbar rolls, pillows, keyboards, mice, monitor stands, etc

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RH Logic 400

The RH Logic 400 has been based on two principles, upright posture and active sitting.

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Why choose a specialist
backcare chair?

The Office Backcare Centre supplies back care chairs and orthopaedic office chairs to address the increasing problem of back pain in the workplace.

Back care chairs and orthopaedic chairs are not just for those people with a back problem - they are mostly used to prevent back pain.

Why choose the Office
Backcare Centre?

  • We offer expert advice
  • We offer a personal service
  • We will provide you with the most suitable backcare chair for your requirement
  • We supply backcare chairs nationwide

Visit our main showroom in Cheltenham,
Gloucestershire and try the chairs for yourself.

Please note: Whilst our working hours are from 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday we regret that our Cheltenham showroom is not always open. To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend that you should call us on 01242 251779 or 07768 036064 prior to your visit.

Companies are now required to carry out a workplace assessment for each employee, helping to highlight areas of concern for the present or future health of the employee. In many cases the chair is the cause of backpain - it may not have sufficient adjustments or it's just old, worn out or broken, thereby forcing the user into incorrect posture.

We are now following America's lead in back pain being the most common reason for workers to sue their employers. Supplying a good quality back care chair or orthopaedic office chair, not only encourages healthier, happier and more productive staff, it is also the cheapest long term answer by far.

Website pricing information

Prices displayed on our website are guideline prices only, as each chair has different features and many options. We don't expect you to know which is the best chair for you so please complete the contact form, and we'll call you to discuss your requirements and offer advice. We also offer discounts for bulk orders. All prices shown on the website do not include VAT.

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